Mass shooting event reported at Fort Hood, second in five years

FOX NEWS Authorities are responding to an “active shooter” incident with casualties at Ft. Hood, the scene of a 2009 attack that left 13 dead, the Bell County Sheriff’s Office says. It was not immediately clear if there was one shooter or multiple suspects, and there was no immediate information on the extent of any […]

America Mourns

America Mourns

 Americans from coast to coast are still in mourning following the shocking murder of 26 people, including 20 first graders, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in the normally quiet town of Newtown, Connecticut on Friday. PHOTOS BY RICK SAMUELS                               […]

Killer at Large, Authorities Urge Hikers to Avoid Harriman

As accused killer Eugene Palmer is most likely wandering or hiding somewhere within Harriman State Park, the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation is advising patrons to refrain from hiking in backcountry of the park this entire weekend due to the ongoing, multi-jurisdictional police search. Park authorities will also close Beaver […]

Ex-Rockland Man Killed in Empire State Shooting

Nanuet raised Steven Ercolino, 41, was shot and killed by a disgruntled ex-employee near Empire State Building in N.Y. on Friday, August 24. Ercolino was the vice president at Hazan Import Corp., a clothing and accessories importer, where Jeffrey Johnson, 53, had been laid off from about a year ago. Ercolino had moved from Nanuet […]

An Unarmed Population is the Greater Danger

BY ANTHONY MELÉ I have withheld specific comment until the investigation of the rampage by the alleged perpetrator in Colorado, whose name I refuse to print,* yields more technical facts about this individual case. As more facts are released, I will contribute a trained perspective to help make some sense of it all for us. […]