Watching the Justice System Up-close

BY DIANE DIMOND When they first sit down together, they look uncomfortable. No one knows each other, and it could be a group of people who’ve gathered for a mandatory driver’s ed class or in response to some training ad about how to get a better job. They sit stiffly with their eyes straight ahead, […]


BY AMY AND MICHAEL SHERMAN As a couple devoted to healing, we understand that relationships go through changes over time. We are hardly the same couple we were when we first started our relationship. Now we have a child, a business together, and we’ve worked our tails off to end reactivity and create an environment […]

How to Have the Best Relationship in 2012

How to Have the Best Relationship in 2012

BY AMY & MICHAEL SHERMAN It’s the New Year and everyone is making their resolutions. Most of us set goals about losing weight and making more money. However, if we look at our relationships, there are goals we should be making there, too. Most couples are functioning on a day-to-day basis in survival mode. Get […]