Don’t Forget — Thursday, Sep. 13 is Primary Day!!!

Less polling locations are available than usual due Usually elections are held on Tuesdays, but the 2012 state and local primary elections were postponed until Thursday this week, in deference to 9/11. Another twist has been thrown voter’s way, as the Board of Elections has decided late in the game to reduce the number of […]

Meet the (Write-In) Candidate Mark Levy

Meet the (Write-In) Candidate Mark Levy

99th Assembly District (Town of Stony Point and parts of Orange County) BY MARK LEVY Like most people, I am disappointed in the politicians that represent us in Albany and in Washington. They waste taxpayer money and enact unconstitutional laws in an attempt to increase their power, and in doing so limit our lives, our […]

Miele’s Musing: Use Your Vote! Keep the Politicians Honest!

BY PUBLISHER EMERITUS ARMAND MIELE In 1986, Ronald Reagan said, “I’ve always felt the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’” He understood the growing mistrust that Americans had, at the time, for their government. The Reagan days are gone. Ronald Reagan brought America […]