Editor, As a North Rockland resident, this past year I have seen my school property taxes increase nearly 8 percent, my town taxes increase 2.9 percent and my county property taxes will increase by more than 30 percent, in addition to several other county taxes that add up to the equivalent of another 30 percent. […]

North Rockland Decides 2012-2013 Attendance Zones

North Rockland Decides 2012-2013 Attendance Zones

BY LAUREN KATE ROSENBLUM Tuesday night’s North Rockland School Board meeting started off with the usual transformation plan update at 6:30 p.m. before it moved onto the general meeting at 7:30 p.m. The transformation meeting was rather short due to some issues that were still being figured out, surprising many parents. The board produced a […]

Haverstraw Adopts 2012 Tax Rates

Concerns of NYS Open Meetings Law raised during meeting; Supervisor Phillips says Lynn Teger should apologize BY KOREY WILSON The Town of Haverstraw held a special meeting Wednesday morning to adopt the town’s 2012 tax rates.  The only public notice of this meeting was placed on the Journal News website the day before. Lynn Teger, […]


As the Rockland County Times warned readers a month ago, Noel’s restaurant in Stony Point is gaining an increasingly bad reputation among law enforcement and their business is in jeopardy. We reported this following a stabbing that occurred outside a Noel’s Halloween party. Around the same time the restaurant was fined $7K for serving an […]

North Rockland Transformation Meeting Brings Out Different Opinions

North Rockland Transformation Meeting Brings Out Different Opinions

BY LAUREN KATE ROSENBLUM At Tuesday’s monthly update on “NRCSD Transforming Our Future” Superintendent Ileana Eckert presented “’Plan B’ Attendance Lines and cost-containment.” Plan B differs from Plan A in several ways. Plan A took current middle school lines and simply dropped them down into the elementary school level. Plan B used the same transportation […]


Food Mart on 9W and Fuel Mart on Willow Grove flunk the underage customer test On Wednesday, November 23 the Stony Point Police Department, assisted by the Rockland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and the Rockland County Drug Task Force, conducted an underage alcohol sales investigation. The operation began at 8:00 p.m. and […]