Miele’s Musing — Obama, Look For Another Job!

BY PUBLISHER EMERITUS ARMAND MIELE Wake up, American voters! Forget about voting for the president because of his speeches. He’s good at telling his audiences what they want to hear. How has he been at acting on all his talk? I’d like to remind President Obama that he is not a king, he is President […]

T.E.A. TIME with Anthony Mele: Why America Needs Leadership Now

BY ANTHONY MELE “We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.” – General George S. Patton The true measure of a leader is not by how many followers they have, but by how many more leaders they make. America needs quality leadership now. I […]


BY PUBLISHER EMERITUS ARMAND MIELE Political parties should pay for their own primaries in New York. Why should taxpayers be responsible? Primaries benefit no one but the politicians. It’s their problem, so let them pay for it. The Republican and Democratic parties control our government. Each have their internal quarrels, and that’s fine. They don’t […]