Fiscal Cliff Healthcare Policy Fix: Good for Rural Patients and Taxpayers

BY GRACE BOATRIGHT Rarely do federal lawmakers come upon a policy that can expand access to critical health care services and simultaneously save taxpayers money. But according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office, a tweak in the way Medicare pays for certain kidney disease drugs could do just that – preserving the […]

Obamacare Rations Could Kill AIDS Patients

BY FRANK OLDHAM President Obama’s healthcare reform is about to severely restrict drug treatment options for millions of America’s most vulnerable patients. This certainly wasn’t the president’s intention. But a new, preliminary regulatory ruling from the Department of Health and Human Services required by the 2010 healthcare reform law applies a one-size-fits-all approach to prescription […]

Congress is Putting Rural Patients on the Chopping Block

BY EDWARD LUTTRELL There’s a misguided cost-cutting plan being discussed on Capitol Hill that could severely jeopardize the health of millions of rural Americans. Community cancer clinics across the country could be forced to shut down, leaving many patients living outside of major cities without anyone to treat them. This plan centers on Medicare Part […]

Writing Medicare’s Prescription

BY DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN Submitted by author The Republican primary in Florida brought discussions of healthcare, particularly Medicare, back to the forefront of the national discourse. With its sizeable senior population, Medicare and Social Security were top of mind to Florida voters. It is certainly important that health care, and particularly Medicare, be debated thoroughly […]