Kids and Guns and Public Safety, by Diane Dimond

BY DIANE DIMOND Uncle Jim used to herd a group of us kids into the car on a sunny Saturday morning and head to an isolated area outside town. His son, little Jim, my two cousins Sandy and Terry and I were full of anticipation. We were going target shooting — with a real gun […]

Mandatory Drug Tests — for Kids?

BY DIANE DIMOND There’s a community-wide conversation going on in Kansas City, Mo., that should also be taking place around the country. It has to do with high school kids’ use of drugs and alcohol. The discussion revolves around the question: How can adults adequately convince a teenager that drinking too soon or using narcotics […]

Summer Kids’ Concert Proves to be a Hit

Summer Kids’ Concert Proves to be a Hit

BY MICHAEL RICONDA Parents and children gathered for the 2012 Summer Kid’s Concert held by the Recreation Department of Stony Point at Riverfront Park at 6:30 p.m. on June 27. The event, which also involved free giveaways and an ice cream truck, was one of the first of its kind during this summer. It was […]