Torture is Torture – It’s Illegal and Wrong

BY DAVID P. GUSHEE AND WILLIAM S. SESSIONS Twenty-five years ago, President Ronald Reagan vigorously championed U.S. ratification of the international Convention Against Torture, which he signed on April 18, 1988. Reagan acclaimed it as having marked a significant step in the development of international measures against torture and other inhuman treatment. “Ratification of the […]

Wolfe Proposes Local Law to Prohibit Rehiring of County Employees Who Accept Enhanced Incentives

Vice Chairman of the Rockland County Legislature Alden H. Wolfe has proposed a local law that would prevent the rehiring of former county government employees who retired or separated from county government and are receiving compensation for unused fringe benefits or accepted incentives. The law would also prohibit hiring the former employees as consultants or outside […]

Miele’s Musing: Use Your Vote! Keep the Politicians Honest!

BY PUBLISHER EMERITUS ARMAND MIELE In 1986, Ronald Reagan said, “I’ve always felt the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’” He understood the growing mistrust that Americans had, at the time, for their government. The Reagan days are gone. Ronald Reagan brought America […]

This is What Happens In a One Party System

BY ANTHONY MELE Rockland County’s credit rating was recently downgraded again to one degree above Junk Bonds. In other words, our credit rating is near worthless. Rockland County could not walk into a car dealership and buy a car or put a Pea Coat in Macy’s on lay-away till next Christmas. The people who were […]

The county’s unannounced project to revamp their shoddy website has concluded. No longer is the impossible-to-remember address “” used for the site. Now the far simpler and more user-friendly is the place to go. The new site features “popular searches” on the front page as well as a news ticker. Departments of the government […]

Fight the Epidemic: Government Bullies Need Reining In

Regulation enforcers are out of control  BY DIANE DIMOND Nobody likes a bully — especially me. But what if it is the United States government that is the bully? What if certain people in Washington decide to target a citizen and then use all the resources available to them to crush that person? I must […]