RELIGIOUS VIEW: Mock ‘Marriage’ and the Death of Freedom

By Matt Barber While poorly decided U.S. Supreme Court cases are a dime a dozen, prior to Wednesday, two stood alone as the most wretched and constitutionally groundless in American History. First was the 1857 Dred Scott decision. Among other things, it robbed African-Americans of both their U.S. citizenship and their dignity. Next came the […]


ALBANY, NEW YORK— Log Cabin Republicans of New York State Chairman Steve Keblish issues the following statement: “How should the Supreme Court Rule on the landmark gay rights cases before it this week? William F. Buckley’s lens for evaluating issues went like this: “Does this augment or diminish human liberty?” When asked about gay marriage, Dick Cheney […]

Should marriage be gay or just straight?

U.S. Supreme Court to Consider Constitutionality of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ PRESS RELEASE FROM “NEW YORKERS FOR CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOM” – The Supreme Court of the United States is scheduled to hear two important and controversial cases this week that involve same-sex “marriage.” The first is Hollingsworth v. Perry, in which the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held […]

Catholic Church in Mass. Raises Ire of Extremists

Catholic Church in Mass. Raises Ire of Extremists

When St. Francis Xavier parish in Acushnet, Massachusetts put this sign on their front property following the announcement of President Obama’s officially completed “evolution” on gay marriage, they may not have been ready to deal with the fallout. In addition to being the subject of television broadcasts and newspaper articles portraying the church as being […]