Statement by DA Thomas Zugibe, making clear Sen. Carlucci was not implicated in the case, in any way. A “Spring Valley senator” was mentioned in a scene in the 28-page complaint, however, this person was not portrayed as doing anything wrong. “As made eminently clear by United States Attorney Preet Bharara and confirmed by my […]

Your Body Telegraphs Your Lies

BY DIANE DIMOND So, have you heard the stories about how to beat a polygraph test? Ever read any of the odd suggestions on the Internet? Among them: Silently count backward from 100 during the test to distract your brain, learn to control your breathing, put a tack in your shoe or bite down hard […]

Timelines: July 19, 2012

Towns Band Together to Bill the County In an act of revenge against the county for passing on new costs to towns, Rockland’s five towns are going to now send the county all bills for maintenance and utilities on county roads. They are exploring legal options as well in case the county refuses to pick […]

Cyber Hacking and Espionage – Not Sci-Fi, An Actual Threat

Cyber Hacking and Espionage – Not Sci-Fi, An Actual Threat

BY SARA GILBERT The Rockland Business Association and Federal Bureau of Investigation hosted a special training session to help prevent and deter losses associated with online hacking and espionage on Wednesday, June 13 at Rockland Community College in Suffern. “The issue here is real,” said RBA President Al Samuel. “On an elementary level there are […]