Open up DNA Databases to All

BY DIANE DIMOND The scene: A criminal courtroom anywhere in America. The players: A judge, a prosecutor, a defense attorney and the accused. The assumption: That all parties involved enjoy a level playing toward the twin goals of discovering the truth and finding justice. The fact: In many criminal cases, the prosecution holds the key […]

MTA’s Chickens Come Home to Roost

Bloated authority finally dealt a blow by the judicial system. Whether ruling stands on appeal or not, reforms must be sought ROCKLAND COUNTY TIMES EDITORIAL Congratulations to Nassau County and to all the residents and business owners of the New York metro region. Last week marked a victory for the taxpayers of the region, as […]

Boy George, The Influence Peddler

BY CARL P. PALADINO Over the years Senator George Maziarz has placed many members of his friends and family club as employees of the New York State Power Authority, many in very high paying positions. This effort was conducted with total disregard of the Peter Principal which is defined as the attempt to promote or […]

No Excuse for Cruel and Unusual Prisoner Punishment

BY DIANE DIMOND If you are reading this anywhere in America, you know firsthand that this summer has been a record-breaking sizzler. We could be living though the hottest summer season ever. Think about what you’ve done to keep cool. You’ve turned on your air conditioner, or (if you don’t have one) maybe you’ve gone […]

Let’s Limit Lasers

BY DIANE DIMOND Imagine this life-or-death scenario: An airplane with hundreds of people on board is descending in the darkened sky to land at an airport. Passengers are busying themselves with tray tables, checking their children’s seat-belts and packing up their bags in anticipation of landing. Up in the cockpit, the flight crew is systematically […]

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