Open up DNA Databases to All

BY DIANE DIMOND The scene: A criminal courtroom anywhere in America. The players: A judge, a prosecutor, a defense attorney and the accused. The assumption: That all parties involved enjoy a level playing toward the twin goals of discovering the truth and finding justice. The fact: In many criminal cases, the prosecution holds the key […]

TSA’s Response to Diane Dimond’s Oct. 4 Op-Ed Piece

BY LISA FARBSTEIN For someone who lives just 15 miles from what used to be the World Trade Center, Rockland resident/writer Diane Dimond seems to have a short memory. In a recent column, she ranted about TSA because she doesn’t like to take off her shoes at the checkpoint and because TSA dared to open […]

Hero Worship Clouds Judgment

BY DIANE DIMOND OK, I want the big, bad federal government to stop it! Get off the backs of these poor professional athletes. Leave them alone to simply do what they do best — rake in dollars and public adulation by playing the sport they love. I mean, really, they are the closest things we […]

Not Your Father’s Pharmacy

BY DIANE DIMOND Pharmacies have become a go-to place for addicts They used to be the friendly neighborhood place where you went to get razor blades or Band-Aids, toiletries or the occasional prescription the doctor gave you. Today, as America’s population uses more prescription medications than at any other time in history, the face of […]