Holiday Celebrations Should Be Peaceful

BY DIANE DIMOND I want to introduce you to a truly thankful man. His name is Richard Smeraldo of Clearwater, Fla. After you hear his story, I promise, you will never forget it. Richard, a happy-go-lucky 74, has always loved fireworks, so this past July Fourth, he, his wife and a female friend went to […]

The Rise and Fall of a Patriot

The Rise and Fall of a Patriot

BY DIANE DIMOND In 1970, a diminutive 18-year-old from rural Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y., traveled 9 miles south from his parent’s home and checked in at the front gate at what would be his new residence for the next four years. He had worked hard in high school to get the grades to qualify for this unique […]

America’s War on Drugs Sputters to an End

BY DIANE DIMOND I’m going to make a bold prediction: America’s War on Drugs is now officially over. Oh, no one in Washington is going to make any sort of announcement to confirm this, but take it from me: Our four-decades-old drug war strategy is now formally kaput. To be entirely honest, it has been […]

TSA Response – Off the Mark

A continuation of the conversation between the TSA and its critics   BY Anthony Melé, MA, Diplomacy, Conflict Management The Towers, Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania were crashed into due to multiple failures by the US government, not because of one security guard or a razor blade. Aviation security can be achieved without the […]

The Debates Ignored Voters Real-life Concerns

BY DIANE DIMOND Imagine a country where citizens collectively own more than 300 million guns. It is a place where more than 14,700 people were murdered in 2010. And in this country, nearly 85,000 people were forcibly raped during that same year. More than 6 million people are in prison or on criminal supervision. In […]

Let’s Say ‘So Long’ to the TSA

BY DIANE DIMOND A recent Gallup poll has just concluded that 54 percent of Americans think the Transportation Security Administration is doing an “excellent” or “good” job at our airports. I don’t. I think the TSA is engaged in a nationwide effort to cavalierly and routinely strip travelers of their dignity. I think in some […]