BY DYLAN SKRILOFF When Suffern Mayor and 2013 county executive candidate Dagan LaCorte announced the arrival of Ace Rainbow to the former-OTB on Orange Avenue in Suffern, one local business was less than thrilled with the news, or at least the news reports. The old-time local “Hardware Store” on Lafayette Ave. run by Bill Tarantino […]

Dagan LaSAFE

Suffern mayor and 2013 county executive candidate Dagan Lacorte bashes Democratic competitor Leg. Ilan Schoenberger for his stance on gun control, as well as GOP competitor Leg. Ed Day, offers his support of Governor Cuomo’s NY SAFE Act, and boasts of being  only county executive candidate not to own a gun Suffern Mayor Dagan Lacorte […]

Letter to the Editor: MR. LACORTE: DISGRACE

Editor, I was beside myself when I read your article on Mayor Dagan Lacorte who, after getting caught spying on a fellow candidate, now wishes to propose new campaign rules to follow! Even more comical is his comment that his engaging in a well thought out, political dirty trick “obligates him to raise the level […]

Letter to the Editor: IS THIS GUY FOR REAL?

To the editor, Just when you think you have seen it all in local politics, someone raises the bar to new levels of unbelievability. Do politicians really think that the average voter is a dolt? It seems obvious that Dagan Lacorte, the purveyor of his very own Rockland brand of the Nixon-style politics, thinks we […]