236 Independence Days Later

BY ANTHONY MELÉ Imagine 236 Independence days ago the inhabitants of Rockland County in 1776 heard the news the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. Loyalist to King George knew this was a crime of such magnitude it meant an instant death sentence to all involved. The men we call founding fathers and the […]

RIP Richard Stolz

Dear Editor, It is with a heavy heart that I inform our community of the passing of an American shadow warrior; Richard Stoltz, former Deputy Director, Covert Operations, Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. Stolz was a mentor, friend and colleague, who was generous with his time and instruction to me over the course of our association. […]

This is What Happens In a One Party System

BY ANTHONY MELE Rockland County’s credit rating was recently downgraded again to one degree above Junk Bonds. In other words, our credit rating is near worthless. Rockland County could not walk into a car dealership and buy a car or put a Pea Coat in Macy’s on lay-away till next Christmas. The people who were […]

Mele Leaves Race and Endorses Westchester Republican

BY EVAN WECHMAN In 2010, Republican Tea Party candidate Anthony Mele defeated the local GOP machine in a primary and then ran against incumbent Democrat Eliot Engel for his 17th District Congressional seat. Although he lost handily to the longtime incumbent, Mele had stated he planned to run for the seat again, once again battling […]