Letter to the Editor: LOSING OUR AMERICA

Letter to the Editor: LOSING OUR AMERICA

To the Editor, We have a president right now that is out to destroy what once was the greatest country in the world and we have a Congress that is out of control and has no need to stand with the people because they are garnering an enormous amount of power and money. The citizens […]

America Needs a Revolution — Part II

BY DIANE DIMOND Sometimes a columnist touches a raw nerve. I did that last week with my call for a citizen’s “Revolution in Thinking” about how we allow our politicians to operate. Using lyrics from “Les Miserable,” the movie about the French Revolution, I wrote about the anger of so many Americans who want better […]

Pregnancy in America Not So Jolly Good

BY DIANE DIMOND Well, well, well. Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, is expecting a baby! Her husband, Prince William, is reported to be ecstatic. The people of Great Britain are utterly delighted that the Royal Family will be soon have a new heir. And they are sending up a collective prayer that the […]

Obama and Romney Need to Get Real on Jobs Policy

Non-partisan solutions for America BY DOUGLAS E. SCHOEN It’s a testament to how bad the American employment market has gotten that the most recent jobs report was met with applause. The Labor Department’s July jobs figures showed that employers added 163,000 new workers last month. That exceeds what most forecasters were predicting. But it’s only […]

Labor Day Gas Blues

For Labor Day weekend, American consumers in 45 states will likely see the highest fuel prices they’ve ever seen at this time of year. Only motorists in Alaska, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming will be spared from record-high prices at the pump. “The average motorist will be laboring a bit more to pay for […]