Judge suspects conspiracy between Eric Holder’s DOJ and abortion clinic to violate pro-lifers’ First Amendment rights Press Release from Liberty Counsel A federal judge has ended Attorney General Eric Holder’s two-year political prosecution of pro-life educator Mary Susan Pine. Holder accused Pine of obstructing the entrance to an abortion clinic, in violation of the Freedom […]

Freedom of Speech Under Fire?

Freedom of Speech Under Fire?

All across the world Wednesday, websites blacked out, censored icons or shut down entirely. The websites are protesting the Stop Online Pirating Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), proposed laws Congress will be voting on which are directed at regulating the internet ostensibly to protect copyrights. PIPA is focused on the regulation of websites […]

Legislators Ask for $80 Million Deficit Bond on 9-5 Vote

Several legislators fear county will do nothing to achieve efficiencies  BY DYLAN SKRILOFF On Tuesday the Rockland County Legislature officially requested an $80 million deficit bond on a 11-3 vote, but really the vote was 9-5, with five dissenting lawmakers voting to float a $62 million bond instead, as proposed by Legislator Ed Day. Legislators […]

James McDonnell Appointed to One-Year Term as Stony Point Councilman

James McDonnell Appointed to One-Year Term as Stony Point Councilman

Longtime Chair of the Zoning Board promises to be non-partisan voice for public interest BY DYLAN SKRILOFF The Stony Point Town Board has appointed former chairman of the Stony Point Zoning Board, James McDonnell, to a one year term as town councilman. McDonnell, a Democrat, will have to run again in 2012 for another one […]

Competition for Calhoun

Longtime Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun (R) will face competition from at least two Republicans in this year’s primary. Brian Maher has tossed his hat in the ring along with self-described “next generation reformer” Colin Schmitt has been campaigning for almost a year. At age 21, Schmitt is one of the youngest, if not the youngest, person […]

O’town Seeks Free Land at Old State Hospital

Town Officials Negotiating with State over Former RCPC BY ROBERT KNIGHT CITY EDITOR ROCKLAND COUNTY TIMES Orangetown is moving aggressively ahead with the planned purchase of another 100 acres of land at the mostly shuttered Rockland Psychiatric Center campus in Orangeburg, even before it has decided what to do with 348 acres of similar land […]