9 Things to Consider Before Advancing Your Nursing Career

Working as a registered nurse is one of the most rewarding career options in the world. Whether you are fairly new to the world of nursing and already know that you want to progress your career in the future, or whether you’ve been working as a nurse for a while and are looking for a […]

4 Tips for Bow Hunters in New York

Tagging whitetails in the Empire State has never been more popular, and bow hunters especially are taking home extremely high numbers after a successful year. New York has an abundance of whitetail, so whether you’re hoping to start the season early or you’re taking the time to get your practice in before heading to the […]

5 Ways to Make Positive Health Changes Today

Individual health has become a more important topic in the coronavirus era. It seems everywhere you go people are more attuned to how their daily habits affect their health. In light of that, one of the best things that could come from the coronavirus crisis is a new commitment to making positive health changes. It […]

Nana ‘Banna Condemns Cuomo CoVid Order

Nana ‘Banna Condemns Cuomo CoVid Order

By Kathy Kahn One New Yorker protesting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s actions recently took this message across the southern coastline: THE GOV KILLED NANA. The Governor’s decision to send sick seniors to public nursing home—and his slam-dunk refusal to allow an investigation into the disproportionate number of deaths among the most vulnerable–prompted one grieving soul to […]