Unorthodox Tips for Hiring the Right Person

Hiring is a very delicate process. If you are tasked with hiring, it is your job to ensure that you get the right candidate. The way standard hiring works is too predictable and that is why you should shake things up. The tips below should help you refine a new hiring methodology, so you get […]

Despite NY Courts shut down, public records are still accessible online

Knowing that the wheels of justice must turn, even in the middle of a pandemic, New York’s court system announced the statewide launch of “virtual courts” to limit judiciary workers’ exposure to the novel Coronavirus in a press release on April 6. Chief Judge Janet DiFiore and Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence K. Marks said that […]

5 Areas of Your Car that Require Your Attention

Part of being a car owner is taking care of your vehicle and ensuring that it is running to a high standard. If there are any mechanical issues with your car, this could lead to serious road accidents and injury. It’s essential that you have regular checks on your vehicle, and that this is done […]

How to Keep Your Mind Stimulated Throughout Times of Social Distancing

As the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 worsens across the globe, the vast majority of countries are either in lockdown or residents are being strictly encouraged to practice social distancing. While the opportunity to binge watch TV series and films to your heart’s content might sound appealing at first, after a few days, you are likely […]

Choosing a Career in Law

A career in the legal sector can be exciting and fast-paced. It’s alluring to many people for different reasons, but there is no doubt that it’s full of challenges. Choosing a career in law will require time and dedication to not only to study, but also to working long hours in challenging roles in the […]

Bayer AG Shareholder Sues After Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

Bayer AG Shareholder Sues After Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

On February 21, 2020, a California shareholder of Bayer AG filed a lawsuit against the company’s executives over the disastrous acquisition of Monsanto, which caused stocks to plummet once the company began losing Roundup cancer lawsuits. Shareholder Rebecca R. Haussmann is the sole named plaintiff in the case. Haussmann is the trustee of the Konstantin S. […]