Leading Employees Through a Pandemic

Steven Fisackerly says Compassion and Composure Wins the Day  COVID-19 has changed everything. It has re-defined how we communicate, associate, and interact with everyday people and places. Steven Fisackerly, Chief Operating Officer at Skilled Trade Investments, said that when the virus became a pandemic of global significance, one of the first acts business leaders took […]

Biden Promises 1 Million New Jobs Across The Auto Industry – And A Bright Future For US EV Manufacturing

Biden Promises 1 Million New Jobs Across The Auto Industry – And A Bright Future For US EV Manufacturing

Despite fears for the auto industry towards the end of March, sales figures are ramping up again. This is good news for the whole economy: even with its strong competition, the auto industry is the US’s biggest manufacturing industry, employing approximately 1.5 million people across all sectors. As such, car manufacturing has been given a significant amount […]

Construction Industry Remains Steadfast in the Face of COVID-19

Dino Tomasetti, JR Weighs in on the Future of Real Estate Development  Covid-19 has had devastating and far-reaching effects on the real estate industry as a whole. It is difficult to understand the full extent of the impacts at this point. Obviously, in the short term, it’s been fairly disastrous. People are not paying their […]

South Bay Energy Reviews Ways to Keep Your Electricity Bill Down

With the COVID-19 lockdown, house quarantines, and social distancing guidelines, you might have noticed a slight spike in your monthly electricity bill. This is completely normal, don’t worry. South Bay Energy reviews that if you’ve been spending more time indoors, a small increase in your consumption is understandable. However, you can’t live like this forever. […]

Mladen Djankovic and the Facts, Myths, and Methods of Business Valuation

For this blog, Mladen Djankovic. focuses on the facts, myths, and methods of business valuation, which is important for everyone looking to make a major decision regarding their company. Myths and Facts of Business Valuation Myth 1: Valuation is only pertinent if owners are looking to sell. Fact 1: Reasons for having a business valuation […]

Steve Kemler On The Race To Create A Vaccine

Steve Kemler On The Race To Create A Vaccine

About 70 companies around the globe are working around the clock to make vaccines for COVID-19. Will they succeed and when can we expect one to be available? There’s no simple answer to that. In his most recent interview with The Boston Globe, Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, […]