America’s Newest ‘Most Wanted’ List

BY DIANE DIMOND In the unlikely event they make a movie of my life story, a good place for the opening scene would be the post office in Albuquerque, N.M., where my mother used to take me as a child. Scene one, act one would be me making a beeline to the bulletin board displaying […]

Reconnecting Rockland: “Back to Our Roots, Part 2”

Reconnecting Rockland: “Back to Our Roots, Part 2”

A forward thinking (and backward looking) monthly column on zoning, planning, and development by Jared Rodriguez, a Stony Point native and recent NYU grad schooled in civil engineering, architecture, and real estate development. Last month I discussed the world that my grandparents and great-grandparents left behind. All that survives of it are our old downtowns, […]

Which Flag Does She Salute?

Dear Editor, I find people like Terri Thal interesting. Why such disdain for the USA, its symbol, and a patriotic expression towards the flag? Is she still hanging on to some 1960s youthful angst? Has some government bureaucracy wronged her in some way so that she now hates all things American? Or is it, as […]


BY PUBLISHER EMERITUS ARMAND MIELE Last week, we reported in this paper that Ramapo Central’s proposed $128.58 million budget will, if passed, raise taxes by 2.86 percent, a good deal higher than Governor Cuomo’s 2 percent tax cap that was supposed to apply to all local taxing bodies. Supposedly the .86 percent excess is justified […]


BY DIANE DIMOND In a groundbreaking work by journalist Susan Greene titled “The Gray Box,” it is revealed that tens of thousands of American prisoners are being held in prolonged states of solitary confinement in prisons across the country. Now, before you say, “Well, they were convicted criminals — that’s what they get!” let’s delve […]


BY CHRIS HANLY Investment Consultant, Gary Goldberg Financial Services Noise on dividends and buybacks has reached an almost fevered pitch since Apple‘s (AAPL) $100 billion cash hoard came to light. Accordingly, I thought some context and perspective on dividends and buybacks was in order. Some advisors, brokers, and investors believe that share-buyback programs are “always” […]