Your Tax Dollars Circling the Drain

BY DIANE DIMOND What if your boss decided to reward you and your fellow workers with an all-expenses-paid getaway? Wouldn’t that be great? You could stay in a nice hotel and spend some quality time networking with your colleagues, and in the evening you could enjoy cocktails and special entertainment and indulge in expensive dinners. […]

Reconnecting Rockland

Originally published February 2, 2012 “BACK TO OUR ROOTS,” Part I BY JARED RODRIGUEZ A forward thinking column on zoning and planning by North Rockland’s favorite son Jared Rodriguez, a recent graduate from the NYU Master’s program in Real Estate Development, as well as an adjunct professor at NYU I was lucky to have known […]

Ed Day Responds to Howard Phillips’ Blistering Attack

To the Editor: Just for the record, all should know that I did reach out to Supervisor Phillips to speak directly on the matter of law enforcement deployment within the Town of Haverstraw, as there was no intent to disparage anybody when I spoke of this issue. Howie knows that anyone from working family in […]


Why should we protect the US Constitution? Here is why; every statesmen or soldier being sworn-in recite the Oath of Office, which affirms that they will; …”preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic…” For those of us who never gave it a moment’s second thought because […]

Spring is in the Air and so is America’s Pastime

Rockland County Times Staff Editorial The 2012 baseball season is just getting started and it seems that every year on Opening Day there’s a special feeling in the air. It’s not like any sport or game. There’s something about baseball that’s different. It’s the smell of the grass, it’s the memories of playing catch with […]


In recent months there has been substantial discussion about some aspects of the Tappan Zee Bridge plan: mass transit on the bridge, the possibility of having a Tappanbridge park, and train station at the bridge are some issues that have received some attention. There is another issue that deserves more public discussion and attention: how […]