Dear Editor, This past April I brought my cat to the Firemen’s Training Center for a rabies vaccination which was run by the Rockland County Health Department. My cat was enclosed in a carrying case. When it was my cat’s turn for a shot, and even before I blinked my eyes the veterinarian opened the […]



BY CHRIS HANLY   Time for Investors to Hunker Down  Investment Consultant, Gary Goldberg Financial Services First and most importantly, I hope that all of you are safe and made it through Hurricane Sandy with nothing more than minor damage and some inconvenience. My thoughts are with you all, as are everyone at Gary Goldberg Financial […]


Dear Editor, Extraordinarily long lines at the region’s gas stations are an inevitable consequence of government policy. But contrary to what many believe, it is not because politicians have not done enough. It is because they have done too much. Laws that prohibit “price gouging” rest on the assumption that both the available supply of […]

Lessons from Mother Nature

BY DIANE DIMOND At least 88 people were killed, but there was no crime. There were widespread blackouts, yet there was no systematic looting. Police departments were run ragged, but lawlessness seemed to take a vacation. This column isn’t about crime this time. It is about how, in the face of crisis, crime is replaced […]

TSA Response – Off the Mark

A continuation of the conversation between the TSA and its critics   BY Anthony Melé, MA, Diplomacy, Conflict Management The Towers, Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania were crashed into due to multiple failures by the US government, not because of one security guard or a razor blade. Aviation security can be achieved without the […]

The Debates Ignored Voters Real-life Concerns

BY DIANE DIMOND Imagine a country where citizens collectively own more than 300 million guns. It is a place where more than 14,700 people were murdered in 2010. And in this country, nearly 85,000 people were forcibly raped during that same year. More than 6 million people are in prison or on criminal supervision. In […]