Letter to the Editor: “NY SAFE ACT” IS AN OUTRAGE

Editor, The SAFE ACT has active and retired law enforcement officers outraged all over the country. This ACT makes felons out of retired law enforcement officers as well as active duty law enforcement officers. This ACT was not well thought out at all.Sincerely, Alan J. Odze Retired Chief of Police, USDOT New City

Letter to the Editor: MR. LACORTE: DISGRACE

Editor, I was beside myself when I read your article on Mayor Dagan Lacorte who, after getting caught spying on a fellow candidate, now wishes to propose new campaign rules to follow! Even more comical is his comment that his engaging in a well thought out, political dirty trick “obligates him to raise the level […]

SPACE Seeks Interested Party Status for Proposed Biomass Waste-to-Energy Plant

Public Scoping Hearing on Proposed Biomass Waste-to-Energy Plant in Stony Point, NY – FEB 20 at 7 p.m. To the editor, The Stony Point Planning Board will begin its pubic scoping hearing on WED. FEB 20 at RHO Building on Clubhouse Lane for the proposed  Biomass Waste-to-Energy “Gasification” Plant. The plant would be located at Holt Drive Industrial Park in what is […]

Mandatory Drug Tests — for Kids?

BY DIANE DIMOND There’s a community-wide conversation going on in Kansas City, Mo., that should also be taking place around the country. It has to do with high school kids’ use of drugs and alcohol. The discussion revolves around the question: How can adults adequately convince a teenager that drinking too soon or using narcotics […]

The Origin and Purpose of Black History Month

BY STACY SWIMP This week is the beginning of what is called “Black History Month.” Its precursor, “Negro History Week,” was created by Dr. Carter G. Woodson in 1926 and observed on the second week of February. A staunch Republican, Woodson choose that week in that month to honor the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and […]