Pictured here are three not-so-little baby bears, behind a shopping center on Route 202 in Pomona, on September 30. “They were playing and looking for food, it was quite a thrill to see them. I took the pictures from my car that I didn’t get out of. I did not see their momma but I […]

Many Left “Uneasy” After NRCSD Board Meeting

Many Left “Uneasy” After NRCSD Board Meeting

BY LAUREN KATE ROSENBLUM The North Rockland School board meeting began with the North Rockland High School Marching Band performing in honor of the hard work done by district employees to get Thiells Elementary up and running after it was flooded by Hurricane Irene. It ended with residents having questions about what the district was […]

The Madness of Shirley Lasker

Following her “intuition,” Clarkstown Councilwoman demands Rockland County Times “source(s)” on “House of Horrors” story Dear Editor, Who was your unnamed source and what was his or her real motive for revealing his version of the truth? And why was I so prominently featured as to be placed on the front page when I wasn’t […]

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