Welcome to the Rockland County Times

Rockland’s Official Newspaper since 1888


The Rockland County Times was founded in 1888 and is published every Thursday in broadsheet format. The newspaper is printed on recycled paper. Our new and enhanced website will soon hold hundreds of articles for your viewing and research of the breaking news, events, rich history, politics and going-ons of Rockland County, NY.

The Rockland County Times is an official newspaper within Rockland qualified to publish legal notices and advertisements. The advantage for legal advertisers to our paper is that we are a weekly, and anyone interested in viewing the ads, can see them all at one time rather than collecting seven days worth of a daily newspaper. It makes for an easier, more efficient means of viewing legal notices.

The weekly format allows a different a more comprehensive approach to news stories, and also allows readers catch up on a whole week’s worth of news in one day. We will be soon launching a subscription area, where you will have unlimited access to all our online articles. For more information, please contact us at (845) 627 – 1414.

Contact advertising@rocklandcountytimes.com for a Media Kit!

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