15 Crucial First Date Rules You Should Follow

Someone may ask why waste so much time and effort preparing for the first date. After all, it’s not a wedding ceremony. Maybe, but we can guarantee that one day, you’ll remember how you screwed up on your first date with regret. So it’s better to think everything through in advance, to enjoy the romantic evening and get a chance to meet her again. Remember these rules and try not to break them if you don’t want your companion to forget about you the next day.

Confirm the meeting

Before the date, call the girl to make sure that everything’s fine and the preparations are going as planned. At the same time, don’t forget to mention how pleased you were to ask such a beautiful creature out.

The four-hour rule tells us that four hours before the date, you need to call your companion and ask if her plans for this evening haven’t changed. If they have, well, at least you don’t need to spend the rest of the time on useless preparations. If not, she’ll be pleased to see that you’re taking this evening seriously, as your call shows how much the date means to you.

Make sure you look perfect

Take a shower, shave, pick the right perfume, cut your nails, and dress according to the plan of the event. That is, if you decide to take your potential girlfriend to an amusement park, then a suit with a tie will be a bit inappropriate. By the way, psychologists have proved that blue color attracts women. So a blue shirt will increase your chances of success.

Don’t be late

The worst thing you can do is to come later than her. You should always be an example of punctuality, especially on the first date.

Think about topics for conversation

You probably already had a chat online or on the phone, but this is not the case. Don’t forget that on a date (at least on the first one), you have to talk a lot and mostly about what the girl is interested in. That’s why you should forget about your ego for a few hours and try to find out what’s in your companion’s head. By the way, there can be such a mess that you’ll wish you never knew this girl.

Decide where the first date will be

It’s better to choose some familiar place. There, you’ll feel comfortable and be able to concentrate on the conversation. But if you know for sure that your favorite bar will be occupied by your buddies, don’t go there your girlfriend.

No need to surprise her

A lot of articles online advise asking a girl out to some special place to impress her. The idea isn’t that bad, but not on the first date. You should feel confident, and your companion must feel relaxed. While having a chat, you can offer her to spend the next date in some unusual spot, look at her reaction, and discuss the details.

Be gallant

Open a door before her, give your hand, etc. Don’t forget about politeness and not only with the girl but also with others. And say compliments, but not trivial ones. No sense in praising her eyes if you already did it a thousand times. But telling her that she digs in oriental cuisine because she ordered cuttlefish with black ink sauce is a gesture worthy of a real gentleman. And, of course, don’t forget to compliment on your companion’s outfit – she did a great job preparing for the evening.

Touch her

But be careful. Persistence can scare your lady off. If you’ve been chatting online for a long time (in case you met on some Ukrainian dating site), then you can kiss the girl on the cheek when greeting her. If you barely know each other, it’s better not to take risks. When going for a walk, you can take her hand if you want. Give your hand when going up or down the stairs. And when touching her, watch her reaction closely to figure out where the line you shouldn’t cross is.

Don’t talk about your ex

Don’t talk about your past relationships at all no matter how bad or good they were. Even if the girl herself asks about them, try to switch the topic of the conversation.

Don’t talk about money

Of course, if you think that you don’t have other advantages apart from a thick purse, then just ask the girl out to the most expensive restaurant. But don’t complain that people love you only because of your money. By demonstrating your wealth first, you’re losing the chance to find out how others treat you, not knowing what your real value is.

Turn off the phone

Make sure nothing and no one distracts you from enjoying each other. Therefore, the cinema isn’t the best place for a first date.

Don’t flirt

At least, try not to do it too obviously. Of course, compliments, courtship, and a smile are important on the first date but know your limits. Just act as if you’re old friends and show that the conversation is interesting to you. By the way, you decide whether to give your companion flowers or not, but most girls don’t like walking around with a heavy bouquet in their hands.

Don’t look down

For a girl, it’s totally normal to modestly lower her eyes on the first date, but a shy guy looks pathetic. If you know that you’ll feel uncomfortable, then ask the girl out for a walk, preferably to a place with a lot of interesting sights to see. Such an option has two advantages: first, you’ll have a lot of topics to talk about, and second, the girl will be distracted and won’t notice that you don’t look at her. By the way, if you buy ice cream, then you won’t even have to talk much. Once you begin feeling comfortable, continue the date in the cafe.

Listen to her

If you want to show that the girl that you’re into her, listen to her carefully. And to have something to listen to, ask her questions. Think about what you’d like to know and keep asking her questions to avoid awkward pauses.

A date shouldn’t be too long

If you’re counting on a serious relationship, then don’t make a date too long; otherwise, you’ll simply get tired of the constant stress and start making mistakes. The normal duration of a date is one or two hours. This is more than enough to sit in a cafe, walk for a bit, and learn everything you want to know. But you should spend together more than an hour, since a girl may think that you just ran away from her.

A few more important rules

Where to ask her out

If possible, choose the place closer to her house, so as not to spend much time walking her home. However, everything depends on what you expect from this evening – maybe, you don’t want to waste a couple of hours at the café, and you’d like to invite her to your place right away. Oh, and if you’re picking her up, don’t forget to open the car door before her.

How to introduce your companion to friends

In case you meet your friend, boss, or even your ex-wife, introduce your companion during the first 30 seconds of the conversation. But don’t say that the girl next to you is your companion.

What to do on a date

So, how do you behave on a date? Ask her something. You can even make a list of questions you’d like to ask. She answers, and you pretend to listen carefully. It’s a great trick: the less you talk, the less the risk of screwing up, for example, by mentioning one of your ex-girlfriends (by the way, this is a taboo subject for conversation – it’s better not to mention any previous relationship at all).

When to kiss her

If you think that the date went well, you can try to kiss her on the cheek. Warning: the girl may not respond to a kiss! She’s modest, shy, and a little nervous. But if she doesn’t kiss you on the second date, the game’s over.