How to Avoid Human Growth Hormone Disbalance in Women

Growth hormone disbalance is almost the most hidden cause of many female diseases, since it is impossible to diagnose it without special tests. Often, women have been visiting different specialists for years, until they finally find themselves in the office of endocrinologist, and find out that the cause of their illness is the endocrine disorder.

Healthy Growth

The imbalance of hormones in the body is a violation of the subtlest balance in the work of all systems of the human body. It is not surprising that it is the disbalance of hormones that often leads to the onset of serious diseases. Read more information about this at to be aware of possible cases.

Human growth hormone, or somatotropin, is one of the most important anabolic hormones in the human body. Its main function, as the name implies, stimulates the body to grow. Moreover, it affects not only the muscles, but also the skeletal structure of the body and the organs. But there is one issue: this very hormone does not directly affect the growth of the body; it is only a stimulator of this process. Due to its action, an increased amount of insulin-like growth factors is released into the blood, influencing it a lot.

All important processes in a female growing and turning from a little girl into a woman, development of fertility functions, and even behavior are conditioned by the work of these same hormones. When HGH begins to be produced in smaller or excessive amounts than necessary, various changes occur.

More specifically, produced by the pituitary gland HGH disbalance may result in physical growth and mental development delay in childhood, disbalance of the jaw line, pronounced wrinkles, inflammation of the gums, difficulty of falling asleep, etc. In each case, the consequences may differ, but still may be caused by the same hormone disbalance.

Causes and Treatment

There are several reasons why HGH disbalance may occur:

  • harmful environmental situation;
  • stress, overwork;
  • violation of diet and sleeping regimen;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • early or late start of sexual life;
  • harmful habits (smoking, alcohol);
  • a quick and considerable weight gain or loss, etc.

Disbalance of hormones requires mandatory treatment, as it can cause a variety of diseases – from small (weight gain, loss of hair) to life-threatening (cancer tumors, infertility, heart failure) issues. To identify endocrine disbalance, one should consult a doctor and go through a special series of tests.

The main method of treating endocrine disbalance is Hormone Replacement Therapy. Keep in mind that you will not always be 100% aware of problems with your endocrine profile. Very often these symptoms are mistaken for other diseases, or even for cosmetic defects only. Therefore, you should contact your doctor shortly after noticing any of the symptoms described, in order to exclude or confirm endocrine disbalance and to avoid undesirable consequences.

For Sport Fans

Another very important area where human growth hormone plays a crucial role is sport. When it comes to areas where the usage of growth hormone peptides would be relevant, there are four main ones among them:

  • Quick recovery after joint injuries, which is especially important for the following sports: hockey, football, athletics, etc.
  • As an aid to athletes aged over 30-35, as there is a decrease in hormone production due to natural reasons.
  • treatment of excessive weight.
  • Need to increase muscle mass.

So watch your physical and emotional condition and don’t hesitate to consult a doctor when you face some symptoms that cannot be treated with your usual methods. Perhaps this is an endocrine profile issue.