Nationally and in Rockland, Homes for Heroes Is Honoring The Bravest


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Across the United States, men and women in select professions provide the very bedrock that the nation bases itself upon. Between the military, police, fire, medical and teaching professions, people make sacrifices every day that enable the rest of the nation to enjoy the life that is so often taken for granted. There is a strong tradition of honoring heroes in America, as recently demonstrated by October’s New York State firefighter honor ceremony, paying respect to those who willingly put themselves in danger.

Homes for Heroes, a nationally operating professional organization, take this honoring of national heroes to the next level as they network with estate agents and brokers across the nation to give something back to the unsung heroes of Rockland and the wider United States.

What’s the deal?

Homes for Heroes was set up back in September 2011 in response to the unthinkable sacrifices made in response to the attack. Heroes from across the country provided sacrifices, both in terms of their lives and efforts, and then further on abroad in the War Against Terror. Home for Heroes responded to this by working with a network of property experts and companies across the nation. The primary mission of Homes for Heroes is to provide cash benefits to heroes when they sell, buy or rent out a new home, and to provide bespoke and sensitive customer service along the way. To date, the scheme has served 19,000 heroes. In addition, Homes for Heroes supports the nation’s bravest by assisting their families, both in times of need and during regular periods of active duty, or long, unsociable shifts. Testimonials and reviews from family members who have been through the scheme have complimented the way in which agents have conducted themselves.


Rockland County has a number of good charity organizations doing important work in the community and the national Homes for Heroes is no different. Recognizing that destitution is a serious problem for the heroes of our country, and especially veterans, for whom homelessness is rising, Homes for Heroes have sought to promote their foundation and make people aware of its benefits. In 2017, The Foundation provided over $400,000 of grants to those in needs around the country to be able to procure housing and much needed improvements. Every time a sale is made, a portion is donated to The Foundation to ensure everyone can benefit.

The sacrifices that those brave American citizens make need to be honored. Through public appreciation and private industry incentives like those from Homes for Heroes, the nation are doing their bit.