More Turn-Over at Hi Tor; Brand New President and Several Board Members Resign, Sharon Needleman Named Interim President

What’s going on at Hi Tor Animal Care Center? Nobody really knows! The brand new leaders of the board are out after a month and Sharon Needleman has assumed temporary leadership. If the chaos continues the shelter can count on a government takeover of some kind, the Rockland County Times predicts.

Needleman put a positive spin on the administrative chaos at the animal shelter. She said, “Hi Tor’s board has recently undergone some changes and I have assumed the president’s responsibilities for the interim. We are in the process of reorganizing with the intention of carrying out our mission and vision at full speed ahead! In the meantime, one thing has definitely not changed:  our primary focus on providing a safe, secure and meaningful environment for the animals in our care.

“We have amazing staff, volunteers, and supporters who are committed to caring for and helping our animals on their way to their forever homes. The board is humbled and incredibly grateful for their unwavering dedication and love for Rockland County’s homeless animals. We certainly could not operate without them. The way I see it we can either give in, give up or give it all we’ve got. I see no other alternative than to do what is right by our organization and each one of the innocent and voiceless animals who need us so desperately. I always have been, and always will be, committed to them.”