Annual Community Block Grants Announced, Over $1M in Federal Funds Disbursed



County Executive Ed Day and Office of Community Development Director S. Ram Nagubandi on Monday announced that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded more than $1 million in federal funding through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to local towns, villages and nonprofit groups.

“These awards to our municipalities and nonprofits illustrate the value and importance of CDBG funding to the people of Rockland,” said County Executive Day. “It is critical that we fight to make sure our local communities continue to receive assistance with fulfilling basic needs, like economic development and job creation. This money allows our towns and villages to afford necessary improvements, helping to preserve Rockland County’s quality of life.”

2015 CDBG funds to Rockland County totaled $1.05 million.

Local municipalities receiving grant awards include:

Town of Clarkstown $60,000
Town of Haverstraw $100,000
Town of Ramapo $70,000
Village of Haverstraw $100,000
Village of Hillburn $25,000
Village of Kaser $85,000
Village of Nyack $25,000
Village of Spring Valley $26,000
Village of Suffern $100,000
Village of West Haverstraw $80,000


Local nonprofits receiving grant awards include:

Center For Safety & Change $90,000
Legal Aid Society of Rockland $36,500
Meals On Wheels of Rockland $25,000
Jeevan Jyoti, Inc $25,000
Helping Hands $20,000
HACSO $20,000

A full list of grants and project narratives is below:

Town of Clarkstown – MiniTrans Vehicle – $60,000
The Town currently has a fleet of 12 buses of which four are dedicated to senior citizen services. Door to door transportation to meetings from Monday through Friday; Transportation to local supermarkets from senior complexes with carry-in bag service.

Town of Haverstraw Shoreline Seawall and Jetties at Bowline Point Park – $100,000
Funding will be used for a proposed project that will consist of a Seawall with construction of jetties to secure the shoreline at Bowline Point Park. The project will help protect all existing infrastructure at the park.

Town of Ramapo Ellish Parkway Widening – $70,000
The project will consist of the removal of landscape islands in order to widen the roadway, repaving and installation of concrete curb on Ellish Parkway.

Village of Haverstraw Downtown Streetscape Project – $100,000
Funding will assist the Villages Downtown Streetscape Plan which includes new sidewalks, crosswalks, decorative lighting, street trees and furniture along Main Street, New Main Street and Broadway, enhancing the visual appeal of the downtown business district and promoting economic growth and redevelopment.

Village of Hillburn Summer Camp Scholarship Program – $25,000
Funds will be used to assist with village residents summer camp fees.

Village of Kaser Elyon Road Improvements – $85,000
To improve the public’s safety a sidewalk will be installed on Elyon Road. This project will also include milling and repaving of the roadway.

Village of Spring Valley Commerce Street Improvements – $26,000
The project will consist of the installation of concrete curb and sidewalk.

Village of West Haverstraw Street Improvements – $80,000
Installation and replacement of sidewalks with curb ramps and additional street improvements including speed humps and cross walks.

Village of Nyack Sidewalk Improvements – $25,000
The project will consist of the installation of concrete curb and sidewalk in an area primarily populated by low/moderate-income residents.

Village of Suffern Orange Avenue Sidewalk Project – $100,000
For the construction of sidewalks, driveway aprons, and curbs on Orange Avenueelping Hands Thomas A McCabe Outreach Center – $20,000
The safe haven program directly addresses the mission of Helping Hands which is to help homeless persons find alternatives to life on the streets through outreach, assignment and referrals, connecting to support services (housing, employment, medical, insurance etc.)
while also providing a safe alcohol and drug free haven and hot meals

Jeevan Jyoti Inc – Education and Support of Seniors Project – $25,000
The organization currently serves seniors with health related activities, lectures, arts and crafts, financial planning lectures. Funding will be used to expand their services.

Rockland Jewish Family Service Senior Support Network – $20,000
The Senior Support Network has been designed to enable older adults to age in place safely. This is achieved through in-home assessment, development and implementation of mutually agreed upon individual care plans, supportive counseling services for seniors and family members/caregivers, and psycho educational groups.

Meals on Wheels Homebound Meal Delivery Program – $25,000
The Homebound Meal Delivery program provides one or two nutritionally balanced meals delivered daily with the care and personal touch of volunteers to the homes of those unable to provide for themselves. An on-staff registered dietician pans and purchases food for meals that adhere to individual dietary restrictions.

Dowling House Corp – Dowling Gardens – $10,000
A senior residence providing that includes life enhancing activities for the residents such as health education, social and recreational activities, yoga and other physical movement training and computer skills.

Rockland ARC – e-Work Audit – $20,000
Funding will be used to establish an audit department which will enhance and expand the existing certified electronic recycling e-Works program currently serving Rockland.

Literacy Solutions NY, Inc. – Online Tutor Training- $10,000
With funding, Literacy Solutions NY, Inc. will institute the new online tutor training developed by Literacy New York. Implementation will require staff development for tutor trainers and matchers and will require the upgrading of electronic communication with tutors to manage and support their work with adult learners.

Legal Aid Landlord Tenant Advocacy /Security Deposit Programs – $36,000
Landlord Tenant Advocacy Program – The purpose of LTAP is to prevent homelessness of families and individuals by providing legal representation in eviction proceedings.

Security Deposit Assistance Program – $30,000
Provided to eligible persons in need of assistance moving into an apartment

Martin Luther King Center – Afterschool Program – $20,000
The center’s Afterschool program goal is to develop intellectual and behavioral strengths and abilities of school age children in order to improve their ability to perform in a traditionally academic environment. The program will help 25 kids with homework help and supplemental educational activities.

Nyack Center – Youth Enrichment Program – $12,000
The center’s summer reading program will provide skills training in reading and writing along with mentoring for local school age youth

Spring Valley Housing Authority Family Stabilization Program – $10,000
The Neighborhood Stabilization Program will provide coordinated services and activities for both family and senior households living in public housing. The core goal is to develop independent contributing residents and citizens.

West Street CCLC Summer Enrichment Program – $10,000
The Summer Enrichment Program will provide summer activities for low/moderate income children through field trips, cultural events, arts and crafts, swimming and literacy enrichment.

Headstart of Rockland – Healthy Children Initiative – $9,900
The Healthy Children Initiative aims to instill healthy habits at a young age. Through the use of an instructor and a bi-weekly program the children will gain fine motor skills, increase balance and endurance and improved flexibility by gymnastics and aerobics along with teaching the value of a healthy BMI and problems that obesity can bring in adulthood.

People to People Weekend Backpack Program- $8,400
The Weekend Backpack Program will provide low-income children with nutritional foods for the weekends when they do not receive free or subsidized meals at school.

Chiku Awali African Dance Music and Culture Program – $8,000
The project gives low to moderate-income residents the opportunity to participate in art and cultural forms that increase confidence, self-efficacy, discipline, teamwork, and to see an artistic performance that is not otherwise available to the target population. It is designed to thwart gang violence and give youth positive alternatives that lead to healthy lifestyles. Classes provide physical activities for a healthy lifestyle. The project shares African culture with the community thereby promoting diversity and tolerance.

Konbit Neg Lakay HHA/CNA Program – $20,000
This program is designed for individuals who have an interest in health care careers and would like dual training as Home Health Aides and Certified Nurse Aides. It prepares students to take and pass the New York State certification examination and for registration on the New York State Home Care Registry.

Community Outreach Center – Workplace Readiness Program – $12,000
The Workplace Readiness Initiative is looking to operate a 12 month program designed to provide skills that will assist qualifying participants for better job opportunities by offering ESL classes and/or job training.

HACSO First-time Homebuyer, Advocacy & Financial Ed Program – $ 25,000
HACSO funding will support a variety of activities promoting homeownership. Funding will support Homebuyer Counseling, Housing Advocacy and Homeless Prevention Activities, and Financial Education classes.

Centers for Safety and Change (RFS) Emergency Residential Shelter – $90,000
The Center for Safety & Change (CSC) Emergency Residential Shelter is an ongoing CSC project that has been in continuous operation since 1979. A secure facility at an undisclosed location (for security purposes), the Shelter provides battered women and their children a safe place to live while they recover the trauma of domestic violence and plan for future safety.