Police initiative leads to arrest of several suspects on outstanding warrants


The Stony Point Police Department participated in phase one of “Operation Look Over Your Shoulder” on May 20, 2015. This operation was initiated by the Rockland Sheriff’s Patrol Division to apprehend suspects on outstanding warrants.

As a result, the Stony Point Police Department arrested the following subjects on outstanding warrants:

Kiondra Castor, a 25-year-old female of # 409 Nyack Plaza, Nyack NY was arrested for petit larceny.

Mahogony Morrow, a 35-year-old female of # 36 Gurnee Ave., Haverstraw, NY was arrested for criminal mischief.

Amy Pietronuto, a 21-year-old female of # 167 Sickle Ave., Nyack, NY was arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance in the seventh degree.

Thomas Natale, a 31-year-old male of # 87 S. Liberty Dr., Stony Point N.Y. was arrested for harassment in the second degree.