To the Editor,

I want to tell just how much I appreciate the excellent work the Rockland County Times does in keeping the residents and businesses of Rockland County informed. Your articles are timely, with the coverage thorough and accurate. In particular, I would like to commend Janie Rosman on her excellent writing in all the recent articles that I have read. One of her most recent articles on www.rocklandtimes.com that dealt with the Nyack NYLO Hotel management change, answered many questions that the Nyack Community has been asking for quite some time. Janie thoroughly researched and reached out to all available parties in this project, getting all the information available. She gave the reader the proper information in a way that does not lead to doubt or confusion later. This is in sharp contrast to some of the other local papers that cover some items well, but then leave others partially covered, or even worse, have either errors or unclear information. Many of us in the Nyack Community became concerned about the progress with the NYLO Hotel site after the project received Planning Board approval two years ago, and then sat for a long time with no progress. Janie’s article answered these questions in a clear and timely manner, leaving “no stones unturned.”

Thank you so very much having reporters like Janie Rosman. I appreciate your good work, and look forward to reading the Rockland County Times for years to come.

Alan L. Englander