Clarkstown Offers Seniors Free Arts Classes

Partners with Arts Council of Rockland

The Town of Clarkstown formed a pilot program with the Arts Council of Rockland to provide free arts classes to Clarkstown seniors.  The purpose of the partnership is to engage and expose Clarkstown seniors with the arts.  The pilot program features two classes, 10 sessions each, one in dance and another in music.

Councilwoman Shirley Lasker, who is also the liaison to the Parks Board and Recreation Commission, initiated the program said, “I want to positively impact the quality of life of Clarkstown’s seniors through direct engagement in arts & culture.  I am excited about the partnership with Rockland’s artists and the possibility to expand the program to include music, dance, painting, sculpture, collage, writing and poetry.”

The dance classes will be held on Wednesdays (April 15-June 17) and the music classes on Fridays (April 24-June 26).  Both classes are 10:30am to 11:30am at Street Community Center located at 31 Zukor Road in New City.  Each class will have 25 participants. Seniors can register for the classes by calling the Town’s Recreation and Park Office at 639-6200.

With this project the Arts Council of Rockland, working with the Town, will build on its past success in placing artists in the community.  In addition, the pilot program will be used to apply for grants to expand the arts classes offered in the future.

Clarkstown Supervisor Alex Gromack said, “We are pleased to partner with the Arts Council of Rockland to increase the rich diversity of programs that the Town of Clarkstown offers to our senior population.”

The music class will be taught by Jeffrey Friedberg, an award winning musician.  Participants will receive a one hour sing along with instruments, movement and discussion using songs from Broadway, folk, jazz, and pop music. No musical experience necessary.

Mr. Friedberg stated, “Music has the incredible power to bring us back to specific times and places.  Discussion will follow each song, helping to foster self-expression and sharing memories while making connections in the present.  Whether you sing your heart out or just listen, this group is sure to be fun!”

The dance class will be taught by Charlese Randolph and will consist of all Broadway Dance instruction and choreography.