Inquiry into Abate Regime Ongoing by County and HUD

The work of fomer longtime director of the Rockland County Office of Community Development Joe Abate has come under the scrutiny of HUD inspectors, the Rockland County Times has learned. As director, Abate’s most important responsibility was disbursing over $2 million per year in grant money through the Community Block Grant program.

When questioned about the situation, Rockland County Executive Ed Day confirmed that there is currently an inquiry into certain particulars of Abate’s regime. Day stated that when current director Ram Nagubandi assumed the position in 2014, he discovered yet unspecified areas of concern.

Day said that at this time the inquiry is administrative. He noted that his office welcomes any inquiry by authorities and will do anything he can to help.

Sources told the newspaper that the inquiry partly involves an examination of Abate’s relationship with a local developer.

Abate currently works for New York State and could not be tracked down for comment.