Scared burglar gets 12 years for Airmont intrusion

A night of inappropriate intrusions into Airmont homes is going to cost a scared burglar over a decade of his life in prison.

Jude Bonneau, 50, of 45 Parkway Trailer Court, Pomona was sentenced this week for a case in which he burglarized one home and then was chased off by a homeowner after entering another.

District Attorney Thomas P. Zugibe stated that on or about July 14, 2014 at approximately 8:06 p.m., Bonneau broke into a home located on New County Road in Airmont, New York. A homeowner managed to get the license plate number of the car driven by the defendant as he drove away from the area. Shortly thereafter, the defendant broke into another home just a few blocks away located on Laura Drive in Airmont, New York.

The defendant knocked on the door and getting no response apparently believed the home was empty. When the defendant broke in through a downstairs window he was confronted by the homeowner who, was home but did not answer the door. The defendant ran and fled in the same car that had been spotted earlier.

After an investigation by the Ramapo Police Department the defendant was located and placed under arrest.

New York State Supreme Court Justice William A. Kelly sentened Bonneau to a state prison term of 12 years to life after he pled guilty to attempted burglary in the second degree.