I am writing on behalf of the members of the Ladies Auiliary of the Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association in regard to Mrs. Roberta Doremus.  We as a unit were greatly dismayed over the reports printed regarding Mrs. Doremus.  We have never experienced any behavior or action that would warrant such a report.

Roberta has been an active, honest and very trustworthy member of our Auxiliary, beginning when she joined in 1966. In these 40+ years she has definitely NOT sat idle. She served as Second Vice President for two years,  First Vice President  for two years and as our President 1972-1974.  After presidency, she has always been there as a mentor and wealth of knowledge to upcoming officers, including myself. She served numerous years as our Treasurer. Our books are audited each year. Roberta’s books always received accolades for their accuracy, payment and postings. Never once was there a question as to her accuracy or skill. She is currently serving as a Director and remains focused on our purpose.

This year she has been elected Treasurer of two other volunteer Rockland County organizations. She retired from her long time job and at that job earned the coveted L.O.V. award that thousands vie for. All of us here easily see why she justly deserved the award. We are blessed to have her as a member and a friend. One would wonder why so many honor her, select her to represent them and rally behind her if any of us saw what that reprehensible article stated. Roberta Doremus is: Living Our Values!


Ceil Blumfield, President

Ladies Auiliary Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association

From EditorTo be clear, The Rockland County Times never endorsed any accusations against Doremus (or denounced them). The paper merely reported accusations sitting Fire District board members had made against Doremus in public.