Will the blizzard boom or bust?

While initial forecasts saw as much as three feet of snow pounding the lower Hudson Valley, the much anticipated “historic Nor’Easter” hitting the area this evening and tomorrow has pushed to the east and the heaviest zone of snowfall is now expected to hit central and eastern New England.

That doesn’t mean the Hudson Valley region is out of the snow clouds just yet. Several different weather models have a wide range of snow forecasts. The “RPM Model” sees only 3-5″ of snow for the lower Hudson Valley, while the “European Model” sees 18 – 24″ of snow for the lower Hudson Valley.

Just how far to the west will the heaviest bands of precipitation from the Nor’Easter stretch? One sure way to find out is open the windows in the morning and take a look. The heaviest precipitation is forecast to hit between midnight and 9 a.m.