New CEO Dr. Geller hits the ground running at Nyack Hospital

Dr. Geller, CEO
Dr. Geller, CEO

He was already a hometown son made good, but after assuming the role of interim CEO of Nyack Hospital in December, it would be fair to say that Dr. Mark Geller’s career has gone to new heights.

As the son of another well known Dr. Geller, Nyack Hospital’s new CEO has had the medical profession in front of him his entire life. Prior to taking over as interim CEO of the hospital, Geller had been CEO of Hudson Valley Radiology Associates and had served in numerous leadership roles within the Nyack Hospital community, including as president of the medical staff, chair of the Medical Executive and Credentials Committees, and a member of the Board of Trustees, Executive and Performance Improvement Committees and the Nyack Hospital Foundation.

He takes the helm during a critical transition period as Nyack Hospital moves into an affiliation with Montefiore. The hospital’s Board of Trustees considered him the best candidate to navigate the myriad of tasks that need to be tackled at this time. The trustees felt he could “hit the ground running,” Dr. Geller said.

Right now Nyack Hospital and Montefiore are working on implementing a state health care reform initiative referred to as Delivery System Reform Incentive Program [DSRIP]. Dr. Geller said the goal of DSRIP is for health care to deliver more bang for the buck and to focus on helping people avoid health problems in the first place, as well as providing more care out-of-the hospital, instead of relying on expensive hospital stays.

Geller came on board as CEO in December. As a former president of the hospital’s medical staff, Geller is well known amongst the doctors, nurses and other professionals in the hospital. Dr. Geller reacquainted himself with the entire hospital team upon taking the position of CEO, conducting “town hall” style meetings with every department. “The senior management team is great. Our entire staff is very supportive. I’ve received a heartwarming, wonderful level of support,” Dr. Geller said.

When Dr. Geller’s promotion to CEO was announced in December, the Rockland County Times website was flooded with complimentary remarks toward the good doctor. Asked what might account for his popularity with his patients, Dr. Geller said that patient satisfaction is one of his highest priorities as a practicioner and as a CEO.  “Not just quality medical care, but positive, respectful interpersonal care is key,” he said. “I want to make sure it’s an institution with high morale and high patient satisfaction. I want everyone’s experience to exceed expectations.”

Dr. Geller expects Nyack’s affiliation with Montefiore to open up new efficiencies in service and give Nyack patients an opportunity to receive further care at the affiliated hospital when necessary.

According to Dr. Geller, it is becoming commonplace for hospitals to entrust a former or current doctor with the task of CEO, instead of relying only on administrative experts. “More and more you are seeing health care organizations using practicing doctors,” he said.

Dr. Geller would not comment on whether he is interested in becoming permanent CEO of the hospital, but given his popularity, it may be the case that the hospital won’t let him get away if they can help it.