THE FRIEDMAN – ST. LAWRENCE SAGA CONTINUES: Daniel challenges Chris to meet “anytime, any place” to discuss Ramapo finances with the public

Open letter from Ramapo Councilman Daniel Friedman (D) to Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence (D)

Supervisor St. Lawrence,

Last month, I hosted an open Town Hall forum in which members of the public came to offer ideas on changing government practices in Ramapo with the goal of improving transparency and responsibility. The success of that meeting has encouraged me to hold another Town Hall forum, this time focusing on ideas to improve the finances of our town and the future of the Ramapo Local Development Corporation.

As you are the Town Supervisor, as well as the Director of Finance for the town, and the Chairman of the Ramapo Local Development Corporation, this forum is extremely applicable to all the hats you wear. As a result, I would not only like to invite you to attend this forum, I want to offer you the opportunity to select an evening in August (beginning at roughly 6:30 p.m.) that you are available so that I can schedule this forum and you can attend it without it interfering with any commitments of yours.

This would provide a great opportunity for you to meet with our constituents and have an open dialogue with questions and answers about our town and the LDC. It would also be an opportunity for you to explain your thoughts on the recently released LDC audit, on which we seem to have conflicting opinions. We could then work together to implement the ideas of the public to make their government more responsive to their needs and wants – as government ought to be.

This Town Hall forum would be a great opportunity to hear good ideas from the public we serve about creating transparency and being a more fiscally responsible town. Certainly that is deserving of a few hours of both of our time. I am leaving the entire month of August open for you to pick a weeknight, and I hope you will respond to me shortly with a date that works for you


Daniel Friedman
Ramapo Town Councilman