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Richard Brega

Thanks to Steve Jobs and a local entrepreneur who seeks to apply Jobsian technology to his own corner of the universe, Rockland bus customers now will have the opportunity to know exactly what time their bus is due to arrive.

Richard Brega, CEO of Brega Transport, told the Rockland County Times that his company is preparing to unveil a new app that will allow Rockland  bus customers to get an up-to-the-minute estimate of the arrival time of their bus. Brega said his company had put investment into the technology. “It’s big news in the bus world, I don’t know about the rest of the world,” Brega quipped.

After years of legal proceedings and legislative haggling, Brega’s company recently took over the TOR and Tappan Zee Express routes that long had been run by Coach USA.


  1. Very impressed that Brega Transport would have such cutting edge technology available to their passengers. It is a double edged sword though, if the riders know that their bus is going to be late they will have the opportunity take alternate transportation like taxis or other bus companies like Red and Tan lines that mirror some of the routes. Ridership may go down on some routes. This system is packaged with the newer GPS systems available to transit and shuttle bus systems. It works great on systems without set schedules. It also allows anybody the data to monitor late buses and penalize the bus company, be careful what you wish for…but it will be good thing for everyone. I hope it’s up and running faster that the website.