Stephanie’s Adventures in Singledom: The Span of 12 Days on Facebook


When you keep telling everyone on Facebook that you are in love with someone, the only person you are trying to convince is yourself. If you feel the need to plaster your relationship all over Facebook, then I am sorry to say it but you are actually showing signs of insecurity instead of what you think is actually “love.”

People like to broadcast their relationships to the whole world. They just love posting, “In a relationship.” People go nuts with couple profile photos, and enjoy three separate moments of like button and comment applause when you change your status to “in a relationship,” “engaged,” and “married.” If you don’t believe me, go ahead, and change your status to “In a relationship,” if you are single, and watch the comment and likes plenth over!

The problem with  Facebook and putting your relationship out there for the world, is that by doing this is when you and your significant other are going through some problems, more than likely you will post on Facebook what is going on, and that is just going to cause another fight or the nosey-body’s will be having party! Also Facebook can add even more jealousy to your relationship, if you add too much people from the opposite sex, that alone can trigger more problems in your relationship. (for some, not all)
Also, if you don’t put “who” you are in a relationship with by name, people may start to think that you are in a “secret” relationship.  Because really, why be someone’s hidden secret, when you can be another person’s major headline?

Then of course, there are the Facebook relationship headaches it causes. It would be embarrassing to declare yourself to be in a relationship if your significant other doesn’t reciprocate. Changing Facebook relationship status has, for better or worse, joined the list of all the “relationship firsts”  milestones. That first status change isn’t the only challenge. When a relationship ends, how soon is it okay to switch back to single? I’ve also heard stories of people seeing their dates switch to “In a Relationship” with someone else or getting dumped via Facebook.  That can’t feel good.

There was this girl on Facebook that over a twleve day span posted the following while tagging the guy who she was with so the status would also appear on his page.  Note: that the guy whom she was in a relationship with never did LIKE any of the posts. (So, what does that tell you about how he feels about the relationship? And if he doesn’t use his Facebook account, as of the excuses, then why does he still have the account?)

The Posts:

I really miss ______! Love that man!  (day 1 of the posting)

I miss _______ (the next day)

So _______ will be home in 6 days but whose counting lol (5 days later)

So he is leaving for home Monday night. Woohoo! Its about darn time. 4 more days. Hope this weekend goes by fast!!!! (2 days after the above post)

Omg ya know what today is? Its Saturday. That means He will be home in 3 DAYS!!!!!! (the next day)

Down to 2 days! _______ can NEVER leave for that long again! (the following day)

Ok the countdown it almost over. Tonight he will be on his way home. Can’t wait till tomorrow!!!!! (the next day)

He will be landing in just a few hours! (the following day)

Whooo HE is finally home and I can’t be more excited. Love that man! (A few hours later)

There’s a difference between expressing some joy in your life, than rubbing it into people’s faces.  For some people, the only time they post anything at all is to boast. Keep in mind that not everything you see on facebook is real. Some of those people are just hiding behind the delusion that their life is so much better than everyone else’s when in reality, their lives aren’t as great as they make it out to be.

If you have to constantly post that you are happy, the only one you are trying to convince is yourself. And if you have to constantly post that you love someone, then you are indeed not really in love with that person, just in love with the idea.

Remember, when it comes to posting on Facebook or any social media network; Confidence is Slient while Insecurities are Loud.