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Aunt and nephew arrested for allegedly slicing and shoving each other. Landlord gets punched after putting himself in the middle 

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Taylor and Cavallaro

Frequent police activity at 122 Route 210 in Stony Point continues as police accuse aunt and nephew Mara Cavallaro, 27, and Clifton Taylor, 21, of getting into a domestic dispute culminating in mutual criminal aggression.  Fitting to the times, police said the entire dispute started over Facebook.

While it started out as a heated disagreement on Facebook, the related housemates took things to another level as police allege they both threatened each other with sharp instruments. According to police reports Cavallaro took a box cutter and attacked Taylor with it, “slicing” him. Taylor threatened Cavallaro with a knife, police said, but never actually made contact with her.

Landlord Justin Hoyer, who also has been arrested for disputes with tenants at the location, found himself in the middle of the feuding relatives and was struck by Taylor’s hands, resulting in minor injuries.

For her alleged act, Cavallaro was charged with second degree assault (a D felony), fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon (a Class A misdemeanor) and second degree harassment (a violation). For his alleged part in the dispute, Taylor was charged with third degree assault (an A misdemeanor), fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon (an A misdemeanor), menacing and two charges of second degree harassment (violations), since he allegedly attacked two separate persons.

Hoyer, whom prior police reports indicate lives at the address but whose voting registration is ID’d at Wenzel Ln., was arrested twice for harassment violations in 2012 for his part in the frequent disputes at the location.  In 2012 Lt. Keith William of the Stony Point Police Department described the situation at the address as an “ongoing saga.”

Lt. Williams said the department is investigating whether the living arrangement is legal according to town building codes.


  1. As a former tenant myself who always paid my rent on time he shut my heat hot water & gas to cook off for 2 months,while I froze to death, he also shut my electric off, & trapped me holding me hostage in his apartment while smashing a chair in a million pieces till police finally arrived to free me. Justin Hoyer constantly came into my living quarters unannounced screaming threaten ending & terrorizing me for no apparent reason. Upon which I called the police on several occasions , officers Heath, Hansen, Kruger & Ludani responded several times to my calls. Justin Hoyer is a certified Psychopath & SHOULD NOT be allowed to rent to any normal tenants like myself ever again, he is psychotic & crazy!! I have an excellent landlord reputation & there was NEVER a need for him to conduct himself in the manner that he did! He is currently taking me to court for bogus reasons & I will be counter suing him for obvious reasons mentioned above.