Former Legislature Chair and Town Councilman Ken Ingenito (D) Endorses Dylan Skriloff (C) for Supervisor

To the Editor,

During a 30-year period, as a social studies teacher at North Rockland High School and a part-time adjunct instructor at various local colleges, I taught my students to accept their responsibility to help enrich their community through participation in bettering it. Voting is an avenue of achieving competent leadership. It requires doing your homework by studying the qualifications of each candidate and their ability to be a leader.

Unfortunately, I underestimated the power of apathy and family patronage. In the last Stony Point supervisor’s election 2012, 4,016 registered voters voted. Approximately 6,000 registered voters did not vote. Result- a candidate with a limited education, but born in Stony Point, defeated a candidate who was a former New York State Supreme Court justice and a former town attorney. Conclusion, reason for electing someone who is not qualified to serve is apathy. A resident cannot complain about town conditions if he or she did not vote or voted because the candidate is a friend or relative and, therefore, credentials are not important. Stony Point has already been embarrassed by lack of qualifications and skills ending in breaking the law and incarceration, in past years.

Taking credit for financial transactions that had nothing to do with your conduct as supervisor is a sign of desperation. What your supervisor has accomplished is getting health insurance paid by the taxpayers, which he no longer has to pay himself and buying a new town car, paid by taxpayers, justifying it by claiming he is saving the taxpayer’s money.

I am supporting Dylan Skriloff because of his intelligence, his accomplishments at the age of 34, and his academic credentials. These are all signs of leadership and accepting responsibility. To show his sincerity to help the people of Stony Point, he will cut the supervisor’s salary and attempt to limit its term of office. His opponent cannot do the same because he owns four properties in Stony Point and needs to salary to pay the taxes on the four pieces of property, or so he said at the October 15 town debate. For some reason, I do not have sympathy for his logic.

I encourage those of you who believed in me, as a teacher and administrator for 30 years and supported me in public office for 15 years, to trust me once again and support Dylan Skriloff and his team.


Ken Ingenito

Former chairman of the Rockland County Legislature

Former Stony Point councilman



  1. I couldn’t agree more.
    I am a retired 30 year law enforcement veteran who served as chief of police for three federal agencies.
    I have found Dylan to be highly compassionate, highly intelligent and highly qualified to carry out the duties of the office of Stony Point Supervisor.
    Dylan is a supporter of the law enforcement community. He believes in protecting and defending the US Constitution. One of the most important aspects of Dylan’s intelligence is that he studies issues before making decisions.