Ed Day Calls Out Fried for Comment by Campaign Surrogate Legislator Weider


Rockland County Legislator Aron Weider has been discovered to be bashing police in an effort to push David Fried to the Hasidic community, using a phone-based news and information network to conduct Yiddish-language outreach as a surrogate of David Fried, an Ed Day press release issued this morning proclaimed.

Day said the original Yiddish recording, available at this link, or by calling 845-414-1114 and pushing “2,” and then “2” again, translates as follows:

“Many say that Ed Day is a pissed off guy… he was a police officer for 40 years… as they say all police officers have… you know… such an outlook that everyone is a criminal until he proves to me that he ain’t. You understand? So… is… is… this is also a strong reason to come out… as they say… I hope that this David Fried will be able to decrease, turn off, the hate that’s going around.”

Ed Day, a 23 (not 40) year veteran of two police departments, said “I call upon David Fried to immediately denounce this offensive and ignorant insult to all police officers, and I call upon Legislator Weider to immediately apologize to the many thousands of police officers in Rockland he insulted in a cynical effort to gain votes for his candidate.”