Disputes over campaign signs continue in Haverstraw

IMG_8511 (2)West Haverstraw – In the latest dispute over campaigning in Haverstraw, accusations have been leveled that signs for Republican candidates are being selectively removed from lawns.

According to David Barbera, who is running for Haverstraw highway superintendent on the Republican line, his signs and those of fellow Republican town supervisor candidate John Pennell were taken down by town code enforcement, through laws he argued were designed to benefit incumbents.

Code enforcement officers allegedly argued the signs could not be put up on public property or private right-of-ways, but Barbera countered that most of the signs of his opponent George Wargo and Pennell’s opponent, incumbent Howard Phillips, remain in place.

The full story will be available in this Thursday’s edition of the Rockland County Times, available at newsstands across the county.