CLINTON OFFENDS BRINKS VICTIMS AGAIN: President Called Out by GOP for Campaign Visit during Brinks Commemoration

Clinton pardoned alleged Brinks terrorist Susan Rosenberg on his final day in office

When Westchester County resident President Bill Clinton made a rare Rockland County fundraising visit on behalf of county executive candidate Democrat David Fried this week, not everyone rang the welcome bells.

Bad timing? Clinton's visit to Rockland coincides with commemorations of the victims of the Brinks terrorist event in 1981. Clinton infamously pardoned a Brinks terrorist on his final day in office.
Bad timing? Clinton’s visit to Rockland coincides with commemorations of the victims of the 1981 Brinks Robbery. Clinton infamously pardoned a Brinks terrorist on his final day in office.

The state GOP sent a press release out Monday morning slamming President Clinton for hosting a fundraising event a day after the anniversary and annual commemoration for the Brinks Robbery victims. Two of Clinton’s several infamous presidential pardons were of Brinks-associated terrorists Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans.

The GOP pointed out that Clinton campaigned in Nyack, the very town in which the crimes occurred. Orangetown police officers Waverly Brown and Sgt. Edward O’Grady and Brinks guard Peter Paige died in the Brinks attack in 1981.

“If David Fried cared about the people of Rockland County, he wouldn’t be campaigning with the president who pardoned a terrorist who was complicit in the murder of three Rockland residents,” said NYGOP spokesman David Laska. ”There was no excuse for Bill Clinton to pardon Susan Rosenberg and there’s no excuse for him to campaign in the town in which she committed those heinous acts, let alone the day after their anniversary.  This is a sad example of putting partisan politics over people.”

Three years following Brinks–which Rosenberg never actually faced charges in though she reputedly was a getaway car driver–she was  arrested on other explosives charges. Specifically, the notorious leftist radical had been caught carrying nearly half a ton of illegal explosives and firearms. She was sentenced to 58 years in prison.

Critics said she received a heavier than normal sentence due to her political associations. She ultimately was released after less than two decades of the prison term when Bill Clinton pardoned her on his last day in office. The moved earned considerable bipartisan condemnation, including from Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Chuck Schumer. Clinton also granted Brinks-associated leftist Linda Evans a reprieve, although her case received less attention.

The Rosenberg and Evans pardons weren’t the only Clinton reprieves that disturbed the people of Rockland County. Clinton infamously pardoned the “New Square Four” who had defrauded New York State out of over $30 million by scamming the RCC Judaic Studies program.

Despite his pardons of persons who committed serious crimes against Rockland society, Clinton and his wife former Senator Hillary Clinton both remain relatively popular in the county, especially among Democrats. County executive candidate David Fried’s event was booked solid Monday night, and he hoped to raise over $100,000 from the gathering.

Brinks terrorists have been making a lot of news in recent years. Earlier this year the NY Post exposed that convicted Brinks getaway driver Kathy Boudin has been an adjunct professor at Columbia University for the past several years.

Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers also was connected to the Brinks Robbery indirectly. His wife Bernardine Dohrn served time in prison for refusing to cooperate in the investigation. Ayers made news in 2008 for being a former 1990s Chicago colleague of then-candidate for president Barack Obama.