Disgraceful Bramson’s lies further exposed

Rob Astorino retorts to Bramson’s mindless smears


Evidence that the growing feud between part-time New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson and leaders of the New Rochelle African-American community well predates Mr. Bramson’s run for County Executive, was released today by Friends of County Executive Rob Astorino, which was wrongly accused by Mr. Bramson over the weekend and today of somehow creating the rift.

Stories on the Bramson feud, which can be viewed here and here, were published in April 2011, two years before Mr. Bramson announced his interest in running for county executive.  The controversy stems from a redistricting plan pushed by Mr. Bramson that significantly weakened a minority council district.

Mr. Bramson reportedly refused to shake the hand of New Rochelle NAACP member Mark McLean in 2011 for opposing the changes to the district, saying “Don’t p-ss on my leg then try to shake my hand.” This August, Mr. Bramson’s office ejected the President of the New Rochelle NAACP from a city park presumably as retribution for his endorsing County Executive Astorino for re-election.

Bramson is now accusing the Astorino campaign of orchestrating a rift that he well knows has been going on for a period of years.

“Noam Bramson owes our campaign an apology for making a charge it knows to be scurrilous,” said Friends of County Executive Astorino spokesman Bill O’Reilly. “It is well documented that Mr. Bramson’s temperament, indeed emotional volatility, caused his problems with the African-American community, and it started well before this year. We again ask Mr. Bramson to cease turning his campaign into a zoo-like enterprise. We should be talking about the issues that matter to Westchester families — things like taxes, the economy, and environmental improvements.”

Mr. McClean is also president of The Gathering of Men, an organization working to promote individual growth and empowerment among adult and young males, improve the lives of youth and their families and confront the issues plaguing the African-American community through mentoring, male presence and leadership roles in the community.

Editor’s note — Bramson gained national shame as the mayor who forced a veterans facility to remove a Gadsden Flag due to its perceived association with the Tea Party.