Call it O-sanity: President claims “There is nobody more war-weary than me”

Not thinking? Obama has placed himself between a rock and a hard place
Not thinking? Obama has placed himself between a rock and a hard place

Update: After reading this article, President Obama had a change of heart and decided to gain Congressional authorization before bombing Syria.


Call it O-sanity: President Obama claims “There is nobody more war-weary than me,” even as he prepares to bomb Syria, with no international or Congressional support, and over an internal Syrian conflict.

President Obama indicated in a press conference yesterday that any action taken against the Assad regime in Syria by the United States would  not involve “boots on the ground” and would be limited in scope, intended to deter President Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons in the future.

Intelligence analysts and political leaders of the United States and other nations have accused Assad of killing over 1,000 rebels and civilians via chemical weapons on August 21. Though use of chemical weapons violates international law, no other nation has signed on to a strike against the Syrian regime, with the British House of Commons narrowly rejecting a proposal authorizing their government to participate in such a strike.

Pressure has gathered on Obama to go to Congress to gain approval for any action and many have found it ironic that Brits are able vet such decisions through democratic means, while Americans are captive to the president’s executive power. Polls have shown miniscule public support for an air strike against Syria.

Many sources have cast doubt on the claims from US intelligence services and government leaders that Syria conducted the attacks. World Net Daily’s Aaron Klein, normally a steady foe of Assad, made the bold statement that Turkey’s regime was involved in executing the slaughter.




  1. Almost 80 percent of Americans are against any military involvement in Syria’s civil war. It is not in our national interest, and is not a matter of national security. President Obama did absolutely nothing when our embassy in Libya was attacked, and four AMERICANS were viciously killed. Now, he suddenly feels the need to intervene in an enemy country’s civil war. We must let our representatives in Congress and the Senate know, in no uncertain terms , that they are obligated to vote in a way that represents the will of their constituency. We, the people feel this matter should be dealt with by the UN.