Letter to the Editor: THE BUTLER

To the Editor,

The movie, “The Butler,” is a fictionalized version of a former white house butler! What’s not fictional is Jane Fonda portraying First Lady Nancy Reagan. Nancy Reagan conducted herself in a matter that earned the right to be referred as to the first lady. Now the film industry is honoring a traitor, Hanoi Jane, with the part of First Lady Nancy Reagan!

What is the difference between Axis Sally, Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Jane? Axis Sally spread Nazi radio propaondist during WW2 and was convicted for treason, spending 11 years in prison. Tokyo Rose was convicted for treason and given 10-year prison sentence.

Hanoi Jane, “our favorite traitor,” her crimes were against the POWs in the camps. Never forgive a traitor. This is one movie on my must-NOT-see list. I hope it’s on your do not see list also.

John E. Long