Day Challenges Board Attorney’s “Religious Bias” — LETTER FROM ED DAY TO PRESIDENT YEHUDA WEISSMANDL

Dear Mr. Weissmandl:

As a representative of many East Ramapo School District families at the County level of government, I am writing you regarding the much publicized incident of July 2nd, 2013 where a contracted attorney, Mr. Chris Kirby, Minerva & 0′ Agostino, P.c., 107 South Central Avenue, Valley Stream, NY repeatedly engaged in a disgusting tirade during a regular Board of Education meeting and in the presence of you and your entire board. His actions included belittling a woman who was actually being complimentary to school staff and also engaging in what I view as religious bias by using the Lord Jesus Christ’s name in vain. His later actions in the parking lot, where video indicated he laid in wait for citizens attending your meeting to leave, included engaging in physically threatening and unbelievably crude behavior that included cursing a woman, using a words belittling her weight, appearance, and even describing female genitalia. In short, he was totally out of control.

The actions of Chris Kirby, a contracted representative of the East Ramapo School District, in viciously cursing and verbally abusing parents, students, and taxpayers, are not only unacceptable, they merit his immediate dismissal. Beyond that, I find it extremely troubling that you, as president, and your entire school board sat there and allowed this disturbing scene and behavior to continue. As a member of an elected governmental board, I can tell you that if this type of outlandish behavior broke out in our chambers, that person would be clearly and firmly told by our Chairwoman that they were out of order.

There is no place in this community for actions such as what I viewed on video. Mr. Kirby has, in my view, forfeited all rights to be employed in any capacity within any school district. His conduct was beyond unprofessional as he was physically threatening, engaged in anti-women conduct, and bullying behavior.

Published reports indicate that the East Ramapo School Board is convening a meeting for Monday, July 8th to discuss the unfortunate turn of events. I am hopeful that happens, and your actions are swift and decisive in removing Mr. Kirby from any further involvement in our community.

I thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.


Ed dayEdwin J. Day
Rockland County Legislator – District #5
(New City-Pomona)